Winter Warm-Water>> 


Winter can prove to lock Warm-Water fishing up for the common fisherman. However when a rare warm stretch comes across don't fail to make the most of it. 

       Winter to a warm-water fly fisherman poses obvious problems. Frozen water and sluggish fish can turn fishing into a seasonal sport. But it doesn’t have to be. Don’t balk on rare, warm days in the winter. Instead hit the water, you could be surprised.

            As usual, location is hugely important to make the most of a warm stretch in the middle of winter. Locate smaller bodies of water, such as farm ponds or slow moving stretches of streams and rivers. Large bodies of water may lack fish that are concentrated and fast moving water is unlikely to hold fish as their metabolism slows. Another key to winter fish is finding dense, fishable cover that is in medium to deep water. Deep points and rocky bottoms are a good bet too. 

Flies for winter fish vary somewhat from the patterns we use consistently in the summer. For Bass usual flies but in smaller sizes are a solid choice. However flies that are stripped or worked on top can prove to be a poor decision due to a winter fish’s lack of aggression. For Bluegill the usual flies will offer some hook ups but flies with flash, bright dubbing, and rubber legs should peak there interest. The best choice for winter warm-water is size twelve to eight flies, in lights or bright colors such as chartreuse, white, yellow, or red. Fish these under an indicator three to five feet deep. Fish the cover in ponds and deep slow current in rivers and streams, sometimes weight is necessary.


Furthermore do not restrain from getting out in the wind or before a front. A decent ripple on the water gives a fly fantastic, natural action when fished below an indicator. Of course we all know the ferocity fish can feed with before a decent front too. So let the winter be an opportunity, not a restriction.

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