Warmwater & Saltwater


Here's What You've Missed


This is one of the most proven popper patterns you can fish, tie some up.

Keep it super simple, or keep it simple stupid, or kicked in somewhere sensitive , or a great baitfish pattern.

K.I.S.S. Baitfish

The Typical Popper

I love fishing poppers. Here's an easy pattern to fool your next bass, and probably mine.

Micro Carp Craw

This is by far my favorite carp pattern, especially for dirty water. Give it a shot.

The Clapping Craw

This is an extremely simple and under-thought fly pattern that is perfect for smallies.

The Zonkey Donkey

This pattern takes very few materials to tie and even less time.

Blunt Nose Frog

Here's a complex but ultra-realistic frog pattern sure to bring the bass to the surface.

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