The Cheap and Dirty Stonefly

One of my favorite bugs to imitate, and fish is the stonefly. They're so big, and contradictory to the little dainty dry flies of our traditional day dreams. Watching a fish come up and hammer such a big meal is like a breath of fresh air. This is my go to stonefly pattern, quick and easy, cheap and dirty.


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The Hare's Ear Emerger>>

Simply the next stage of the classic Hare's Ear, perfect for slurping trout.

Super Simple Marabou Damsel>>

Damsel flies are great for trout, bluegill, and bass because they're everywhere. So tie a few up. 

The Estaz Bass Worm>>

Soft plastics, particularly worms, can be deadly bass lures. This is just a fly that imitate them. 

Another Zonker Streamer>>

There's approximately 1,342 "zonker streamer" fly patterns, here's another one. I like it. 

Older Warmwater & Saltwater Videos

Pat's Rubber Legs>>

The combination of two great flies, does make a pretty good fly. I mean it's no Wooly Bugger but...

DIY Articulated Shanks>>

Articulated shanks make for some awesome flies, but they're expensive. So I make my own. 

The Bouncer>>

Crawdads live in every body of water short of salt, and this pattern is as good an imitation as any.

The Incredi-bull>>

Here is one of my best and most trusted bluegill flies that has landed some true slabs.

Older Coldwater Videos

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