Random Tip #12: Leader Lengths>>

December 3, 2018

I build the majority of my leaders. I consider manufactured tapered leaders to be a scam, turning over flies is as much the job of a descent cast as the leader. When I build leaders I use a variety of different "recipes" (line type and length) for different rods and different fish. I've taken to marking lengths on my tying bench in Sharpie, which makes the tedious craft of leader building a little bit easier. I used to measure line in estimated arm lengths and leg lengths and this and that lengths, now they are more accurate and consistent, which mitigates frustration on the water. 


Here are a Couple of My Recipes:


4' - 30# Hard Mono

3' - 20# Hard Mono

2.5' - 3' - #15 Fluorocarbon 


Small Streams - Trout

3' - #10 Mono

3' - #8 Mono

2' - #6 Fluorocrabon






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