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March 25, 2018

It’s been a couple weeks, or maybe months, since the last “Meat and Potatoes” article, but spring is well on its way so I thought I’d throw another list together. These are some of my favorite bluegill patterns that always seem to work. But, there are a lot of factors between the fly, the fly rod, and the ground that can really change things.  So, don’t hold me to that

The Incredibull

Several years back when I first began fly fishing the waters around my hometown I saw a pattern similar to this on some forum and after a few tweaks it became one of my all time favorite flies. It’s got the two things any respectable bluegill fly has, rubber legs and flash, anything else would only make it harder to tie. Typically I fish this little grub under an indicator on windy spring days. The chop gives the fly a little action that bluegill just can’t resist.


Hook: Size 8 Heavy

Scud Hook

Thread: 140 Denier

Bead: Brass

Tail: Spanflex Rubber Legs

Abdomen: Dubbing with

a little flash

Rib: Wire

Legs: Spanflex Rubber Legs

Thorax: Peacock Herl

Video Link


Slider Spider

Previously known as the Black Dragon, I decided to rename it because this sounds better, plus it is meant to imitate a spider not a dragon. I’ve done at least one article involving the “Slider Spider” but I figure it’s worth another. This fly is great for weedy areas and lily pads because the bucktail back forms a natural weed guard perfect for sliding over and through stuff. It is particularly effective in shallow water where the fish are tucked in cover away from predators and flies with bare hooks.



Hook: Umpqua U104

Size 10

Tail: Krystal Flash

Body: Black Chenille

Legs: Black Round

Rubber Legs

Back: Bucktail

Head: Dubbing 




Poppers and Sliders

This list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t throw these classic bluegill flies on it. It may seem a little obvious but that’s only because they work so well. Personally I like poppers that are borderline too big to fit in a bluegill’s mouth. They have such aggressive personalities and big appetites that even a generous size 6 popper isn’t to big for a nice ten plus inch fish. The VIP Popper tied in smaller sizes 10 - 6 is an excellent pattern for spring and summer warmwater.


Hook: Size 10 - 6 Mustad 3366

Head: Block Foam or Pre-fab Popper Head

Thread: 140 Denier

Tail: Marabou and Bucktail

Body: Ice Dub

Double Collar: Mallard Flank Feather

Finish: Rubber Legs through the foam head, and a little magic marker touch up.

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