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February 22, 2018

I was standing on the edge of a mostly frozen lake with mostly frozen hands and completely frozen feet trying to enjoy myself last Saturday. I kept muttering in my head, “it's better than sitting at home doing nothing.” Now that I’m sitting at home doing nothing I’m not so sure. It takes as much mental effort to get off a comfy couch and do something as it does to physically do it.

I have more than once, and really more than a handful of times, found myself wondering what the hell I am doing when exploring or fishing. Sometimes I fish in terrible weather, or hike up some questionable trails. What else is there to do? Watch Netflix with a bowl of microwave popcorn, or play a little Xbox while listening to some classic rock? That’s the college kid speaking though because at school any free time you may stumble into must promptly be wasted. It’s part of an unwritten code that shows respect to those less fortunate.


I’ve found that at school you use all of your mental capacity on homework and staying awake during lecture, so that by the time you

have some time you don’t have the drive to do anything with it. If that makes any sense. I was afraid that would happen at a real job too, my life would become a cycle of work followed by absolutely nothing, and then more work. That hasn’t been the case though.


I think at school there is pressure and stress from class all the time. From day one until the end of the semester it’s there twenty four, seven. Work doesn’t really do that for me, so even after a little overtime I still find myself driving up into the mountains to hike up some canyon. Even if there’s only half an hour before dark, and I’m in khaki dress pants. Maybe I’m just young and don’t have responsibilities yet, but if that’s the case I hope I never do.


The fact that I’m on a clock out here seems to force me into getting out more too. I’ve only got six months so being frozen for five hours of that doesn’t matter to much. But, if I think like that then five hours of doing nothing doesn’t matter to much either. Right? I guess in some ways that’s life, but let's not get to into anything here.



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