January 28, 2018

I moved to Utah a couple of weeks ago to spend six months on a Co op (aka long internship) with a company that mines Gypsum to make into sheet rock. It’s a neat job, the hills make mining here interesting and different every day, so it’s certainly not boring. I must be completely honest though the job wasn’t the only thing I was thinking of when I decided to transplant to Utah for half a year. The possibility of some western water and the fishing that comes with it was certainly in the back of my mind, if not the front.

So naturally I drug all my gear out here, including the sixty percent of it that I never use. Which is interesting isn’t it? Or, maybe it isn’t. We’ve all got stuff we don’t need and gadgets that get used about as often as we have to explain them to someone else. That seems to be as much a part of the sport as anything. I guess fly fishing can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be.


I was packing my tying stuff for Utah one little bag at a time and I realized I’ve

got a bunch of crap. I’ve got all this stuff, that I imagine I’ve used say three or four times, but I just know I’ll use again. We’re all hoarders, at least the “all” that

I know. I’ve got garbage hackle backs that I should never use again, and might not, but I know I’ll never throw them away. They’re from way back when I first started tying. I think I look at them like my mom looks at my old toys; important and memorable some days, useless clutter on others. Having a reason to keep things. Is that what separates weird quarks from disorders? 


On the other hand, there are probably plenty of flies that I could tie with those materials, and they’d probably catch plenty of fish. Nobody only ties flies to catch fish though, maybe at first, but not if they do it long enough. I drug all my stuff twenty hours out west, on the other side of the Rockies, in the middle of winter just so I could fish maybe thirty patterns and tie another hundred. If I did it just for the fish, well, then I seriously need to rethink some things.


That said, I hope I can catch a few tiger trout out here.



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