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This past summer Bill Butts, a good friend of mine, showed me an excellent streamer pattern called the Shuttle Cock while we were chasing hybrids on Truman. It's a popular fly pattern for temperate bass and I can personally confirm that largemouths hop all over it as well. This fly is kind of like one of those big yet light weight streamers known as "hollow" streamers. You know, where the bucktail is tied in backwards and then pulled back over the body and a head of thread is biult up in front to hold it there. 


The kind of stuff that seems to frustrate OCD's like myself. 


The key to this fly is Tulip Glitter the glue, fluid, epoxy type stuff that

covers the head of the fly and gives it the "shuttle cock" shape. It dries clear like epoxy, but is firm yet flexible making it both durable and light. I don't know who discovered it, or the better question would be "how?" but it is perfect for fly tying. Not just this pattern, it has possible applications on shrimp patterns, crab imitations, and topwater flies.



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May 15, 2019

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May 15, 2019

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