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February 6, 2017

If you’ve read some of my previous articles you know that the Clouser minnow and my favorite variation of it, the Half and Half, are a staple in my warmwater and saltwater fly box. I’ve caught more bass on a Half and Half than the majority of my other bass patterns combined, excluding topwater flies. It just has everything you want in a streamer pattern. It has flash, weight, good action in the water, and most importantly it’s simple to tie. Anyways I’ve written plenty about the Half and Half. This article is about a new Clouser variation I’ve been messing around with that has the makings of a go to fly.

Now I can’t say I invented this fly or that it’s mega revolutionary, but it is modern, both in materials used and overall design. I first saw a similar pattern to this a few years back when I was browsing the inter-web for something to try. I didn’t have the materials at the time so I kind of filed it away and never really thought of it again. Then, this last summer I went fishing for big largemouths with a friend of mine on one of my most favorite private lakes.


We were both having great success in the open water with different clouser

variations. Of course I was throwing the Half and Half but he had on something different. It was a clouser tied entirely out of a synthetic material called supreme hair. He gave me a couple to model my own after and from there I was set.


To me what makes this particular fly so enticing is the concept. If you think about a lot of different types of baitfish they’re all pretty slim. That’s why the Clouser works so great. But if you take a closer look and view them while they're in the water they also blend in much better than the big shiny sided targets we perceive them to be. This Clouser has the best of both worlds, it’s slim and blends in realistically in the water.


I know what you’re thinking. Wait, if it blends in so well won’t that make it harder for the fish to catch it and in turn you catch the fish? The answer of course is “NO”. Bass are elite hunters and eat most everything they want, when they want. The added ability for your fly to blend in just like a real baitfish is only going to make fish question your fly less. All around this fly uses some modern materials to take one of the greatest patterns of all time to an even more realistic level.






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