Element 2 Fly Reel Review>>

January 10, 2017

I’ve recently become an ambassador for the WetFlyFish team and with that I’m given the opportunity to use some gear and review it. This first bit of feedback covers one of their cheaper reels, the Element Two fly reel. I feel I’ve cast enough and fished enough with this reel to warrant an honest review so here it goes.


First impressions are always important. Upon receiving this reel and fiddling with it I noticed some obvious shortcomings in the mechanics and materials. I think the drag system is pretty rough but for the price I don’t know what else to expect. The detachment and reattachment of the spool feels awkward and questionable. Overall the materials seem pretty good for the price although the handle is pretty cheap aluminum and would probably dent easily.

As for actual on the water use; I wouldn’t want to get into any serious line peelers with this reel. The drag and spool just don’t seem smooth enough or reliable enough in build. One of it’s biggest problems is it’s tendency to back-reel a little bit randomly. What I mean is that when I was using it (fishing, casting, etc.) the reel would spool back on itself and eat up some of

the line I’d stripped out. The problem with that is it shortens up casts and causes loops in the fly line.

All said, for the price, it’s fine but I certainly wouldn’t look to buy this reel for any fish you may need to crank in. It will hold the line fine and look good on your rod, but overall it just wouldn’t cut it in a lot of scenarios. It’s more suited for bluegill ponds and small trout streams than the flats or fast tailwaters.



3 out of 5 stars




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