5 Flies to Tie Before Spring>>

January 14, 2017

 We all need something to do in these cold months. Now that I'm on winter break and away from school I do about four things: eat, sleep, upland bird hunt, and tie flies. Here are some I plan to fish this coming year and I think you should too.

1. The Improved Unabomber

    I’ve really gotten into the whole hopper-dropper game recently and I look forward to using this hopper/terrestrial in such a rig this coming summer. Hopper dropper

fishing is so much fun and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to pull fish on surface flies without a hatch. The Improved Unabomber looks great on the vise, and in what short time I’ve had to fish it, great on the water too.





2. Clouser Supreme

    I’m working on a larger article about this fly but here’s a quick overview. This clouser variation uses a synthetic fiber called Supreme Hair to form a more realistic looking baitfish body. The modern materials, if trimmed correctly, can also help to make for a more uniform shape from fly to fly. I’ve seen this fly catch bass after bass that’s why this winter I’m stalking up.


3. Little Blackie

    When it comes to dry flies we all have our favorites. Some of the most popular are: adams, parachute adams, humpy, renegade, and griffith’s gnat. No doubt these are all stellar flies but I’ve been fishing a creation of my own, Little Blackie, for the past two summers now and it works great. It’s super easy to tie and it creates a great profile on the water. Amongst other pros it can be tied easily in almost any size and color. Here’s a video tutorial for it.

4. Double Barrel Slider

I fished some variation of this fly a couple of days towards the end of the summer and was incredibly impressed with it’s ability to slide through dense cover like flooded grass and lily pads. There were a couple times I was pulling it over the top of a lily pad when a fish actually came up and hit the bottom of the pad. The bass just attacked this thing; the action in the thick cover made it so much fun to fish too.


5. Pheasant Tail and Partridge

    In one of Fly Fishermans most recent magazines there was an article which revolved around one man using only this fly for an entire year. Now I must say that I’d never have the self control or patients to do that, but, I will say I became mighty curious as to this flies potential. The author claims he caught caught trout, steelhead, and even tailing bonefish on this soft hackle. I just hope I can do half that good with it this coming spring and summer.





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