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January 28, 2016

Few things to me are as fun as fishing topwater fly patterns for largemouth and smallmouth bass. No one can hide a smile when a massive bucket mouth explodes on their fly violently even if it simply knocks it a foot in the air not even getting hooked. The rewarding fight after the simple slurp of a smallie is just as appealing to most. To combat these fun, aggressive, fish I use a many effective patterns that draw plenty of action from cruising bass. Here are my top five patterns that should get you going.


Foam Poppers & Sliders



Coming in at number five on the list are the fast, simple, and effective classics. I have a box filled with these little guys at all time because they can never be ruled out when fishing ponds and streams, they will always get you a hook up when you need one. Tied many different ways with many different materials you can easily adapt these flies to fit your water.  



Hook: Size 10-2/0

Thread: 140-210 Denier

Tail: Schlappen, Flash, ep Fibers, Craft fur, Laser Dub, Marabou, Bucktail, etc.

Collar/Body: Schlappen, Laser Dub, Mallard Flank, etc.

Head: Block Foam, I use foam letters from craft stores.

Accent: Rubber legs poked through the head and permanent marker body marks.


Morrish Mouse



Number four is a known dynamite pattern for for large trout. But it can easily equal the same results when pulled through shallow water and flooded weeds for waiting largemouth bass. I’ve noticed in my fishing that few flies draw the violent assault from a fish like a mouse pattern does from a bass, you’ll not be disappointed.



Hook: Size 1/0-2/0 Gamakatsu B10S

Thread: 210 Denier

Weed Guard: 50-80 lbs mono

Overbody: Black 2mm or 4mm foam

Body: Deer Hair (trimmed on each side long and the bottom short)


Pole Dancer



The third fly on the countdown is a well known and popular redfish fly used in flooded flats and grass in the ocean. But this fly provides great movement and action in the water that bass love just as much as the redfish. A fun fly to fish and tie it’s a great addition to any box whether you’re heading to the salt or not.



Hook: Size 1-2/0 Gamakatsu B10S

Thread: 210 Denier

Underbody: Estaz

Gill: Red Flash or Dubbing

Overbody: I like ep fibers and schlappen with a slight bucktail collar.

Head: Pre cut dodger head, or you can carve one.

Eye: 5/16” 3D Eyes


Senyo’s Wiggling Minnow



At number two is a fly that rivals any other topwater pattern in existence when it comes to the action in the water. This little guy when violently stripped through the water in short bursts can dive under the surface as deep as  two feet before floating up slowly again. This action replicates an injured baitfish more realistically than almost any other fly you can surface fish.



Hook:Size 2/0 Gamakatsu B10S

Thread: 210 Denier

Tail: Flashabou, Bucktail, and Senyo’s Laser Dub

Overbody: 2 different colors of 2mm foam glued togather

Body: Senyo’s Laser Dub

Eyes: 5/16 Holo Eyes


Blunt Nose Frog



And finally my favorite of all patterns to fish for bass on top with in the spring and summer is the Blunt Nose Frog. The profile this fly provides from below looks incredibly like a real frog. Fish smash this pattern with ferocity often times in violent, airborne, attacks.




Hook: 1/0-2/0 Gamakatsu B10S

Thread: 140-210 Denier

Legs: Bucktail tied separately on a needle then slid off.

Tail: Pearl Flashabou

Mid-Body: Schlappen

Head: 2mm foam of two colors pulled over the eye of the hook and tied back down.

Eyes: 5/16 Oval or Holo Eyes

Accent: 3-4 rubber legs poked through and black dots on it’s back with a marker.








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