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August 13, 2016

So as everyone (that frequents Instagram) knows there is a new popper body, head, thing on the market. The double barrel popper has exploded onto the scene as the most modern, “fashion” forward trend in topwater fly fishing. Now that I’ve had a chance to whip out some patterns with them; as well as fish them in a handful of areas, I’m going to give a quick review.  



        It ties great, as you would expect of just about any premade popper body. It can be a bit difficult to get on the hook in the first place but not to

 the point that it’s hard to work with. The smooth, sleek foam is a little more firm than many other premade heads. This makes it a particularly durable tying material when fished. Though I’ve yet to put it in the mouths of anything toothy.



        I tied the mediums on a size 1/0 Gamakatsu B10S hook and felt that it was just the right size for both the shank and hook gap of that particular model. The B10S is such a good hook for just about anything and this head

is no exception. The taper is just right to allow for a smooth, slow draw back to the tail in popper form; as well as a slick and pointy slider head when flipped around. I used 7/32 inch holo-eyes for the molded sockets instead of the more pricey eyes that are recommended for it. They seem to work just fine. The material took nail-polish great and held the color of markers well too. It is quite a versatile little piece considering it’s simply a premade popper body.




        I fished it first as a slider and had my best success doing so. I tossed it as a weedless pattern up into some lily pads and pulled it through with

ease. The tapered head worked perfectly to both pull over the lily pads and under them. It  produced a seducing dart like action that mimics an injured baitfish perfectly. I never once was hung on a pad and had a handful of strikes while it sat on the plants themselves. It was a blast to fish, producing some ferocious attacks in slider form.


        As a popper I’ll say it worked about as well as you’d imagine. Very similar to just about any premade body. It does not produce as large a “pop” or “gulp” as you may imagine. Typical poppers have heavy action when stripped quick and hard but I found a slower, longer strip produced the largest gulp from this pattern. It has a little different action and works extremely well with bass but not so much that it clearly distinguishes itself from any other foam poppers.



Overall Rating (I’m gonna go to an out of ten rating now): 9 out of 10





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