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July 11, 2016

I’ve been using and fish with the FishPond Sushi Roll for about six months now. I’ve taken it through my local fishing routine, down Ozark streams, through the Appalachian Mountains, and in the Charleston Lowcountry. It has seen serious action, and I’ve put it through enough tests that it is time I write my thoughts about it.


My first note will be a disclaimer. I did make a couple of modifications to the original design to better suite my needs but in no way did I do it because I was displeased

with the original product. I tie a lot of flies and I fish a lot of flies. Most of my larger patterns occupy bulky boat boxes and I was looking for a way to carry some of those patterns more efficiently, so I designed a simple strap to attach to the Sushi Roll. This allowed me to pick out certain patterns from my large boxes, to have with me as I fish, without having to bring the whole box. It is not necessary to add this strap but I would recommend it, unless you are purely using the Sushi Roll for boat drying or boat storage then it would only serve to get in the way.


Here are the old fashion Pros/Cons on this piece of gear.



  • The first pro I found was the size. Obviously size depends on which one you order but all of them have a large surface area for you to put flies on. You can cram quite a few of any pattern onto it while still being able to roll it up.

  • Another great point for this gear is the versatility. Whether it be big streamers and poppers for pike and bass or tiny little trout flies, it works well.

  • Third, the outer materials are of great quality. The hard shell surrounding the inside foam repels water like a champ and doesn’t get caught on thorns or stickers you may be walking through. It is also plenty rigid enough to keep your flies safe from outside wear and tear.

  • The idea behind the Sushi Roll is a pro in itself. No more bulky boat boxes that take up space. You could pack four or five of these into a backpack with the same number of flies, if not more, than if you carried four or five cumbersome fly boxes. It makes a great addition to your pack for hike in trips when space is at a premium.

  • Yet another feature many people would like is the use of the Sushi Roll in a boat for storing or drying flies. It comes with eight large, adhesive pieces of Velcro. Four attach to the boat, four to the Sushi Roll. This allows you to "Velcro" the pack somewhere in your boat to use as a storage or a drying rack for your flies.  



  • The biggest problem I have with the FishPond Sushi Roll is the foam that lines the inside of it. It seems flimsy, very similar to the 2mm foam we tie with all the time. I will have to see for sure, but I can’t imagine that it is very durable. Time will tell.

  • The second con is that massive flies just simply won’t work. They get crushed and distorted when rolled. This changes the action of flies and affects their fish-ability. Grant It I don’t believe the Sushi Roll was designed for huge flies, it could be a deal breaker for some people.

  • I’d like to see the straps that wrap around it be changed from just standard material to something with a little more stretch to better allow for bulkier flies. But, generally, the current straps work well for anything size 1/0 and under.  


 All in all I really like the Sushi Roll. It is a great and innovative product that changes the landscape of “fly boxes”. Weight and space of a fly pack has always been important to me. I don’t like things that are too big and heavy. I like to fish lite, but on the other hand I do use several flies. The FishPond Sushi Roll maximizes space and doesn’t add cumbersome hard edges and pointless weight. The concept and execution is fantastic, with only minor flaws.


Overall Rating

4.5 Stars out of 5 

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