Patagonia Sling Vest Pack Review>>

November 20, 2015

          Sling packs have been growing in popularity and they should be. They offer a chance for both a minimalist feel but also expansive storage. Take a look at the pros and cons of one of the more affordable versions I've been using for the past year now.                          


          Let's start with the pros first. This particular pack offers multiple storage opportunities. There is one small pocket in the front that can easily hold a classic sized fly box. Another deeper pocket combined with the smaller pocket allows for larger, longer, and thicker fly boxes to also be easily packed. Above the pockets there is a small area with a zipper perfect for split-shot packs. The front of the sling is rounded out nicely with plenty of loops and attachment areas for nippers, pliers, gink, line, etc.

           The back half of the pack is just as versatile. The main storage area has space for a shirt and a large fly box or room for a jacket on cooler trips. Part of the space is separated into two more smaller pockets that can hold more fly boxes, fly line, tools or even snacks. The main area even has a small waterproof pouch great for your wallet and phone. Another smaller pocket on the far outside adds even more storage. The loops on the side that can hold a camera tripod or a yoga mat, plus the bottle holder finishes up the great versatility of this pack.            

           The cons are less significant but for some could be a deal breaker. For example the loops on the side are not reliable enough to hold a fly rod case thus eliminating long hikes into special fishing spots. The pack is only offered for right handed casters and would be uncomfortable for a left handed fisherman. Having the majority of the weight on one shoulder does wear you down after a week of fishing but short three day trips aren't a problem. For the most part this sling pack has been a great purchase, though I wouldn't take it on a massive trip


Final Rating 7 out of 10 




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