Kayak Tips for Fly Fisherman 


With new inovations to design and stability Kayaks are becoming hard to overlook in the modern world of fishing.  

          As the world of the Kayak increases at an exponential rate anglers of all walks are investing in the new trend and I am no acceptation. Kayaks offer a personal boat that is both easy to transport by yourself and can provide quality fishing access to a variety of different waters at minimal cost. Kayaks can be increasingly important to fly fisherman in situations where fishing from the bank is absolutely impossible but the water is too small for conventional craft. Because Kayaks offer such a wide variety of opportunities and advantages it is hard to overlook there place in fishing, especially with the advancements in their design, storage, and stability. After a season of fishing from one I myself have developed many tricks, riggings, and techniques that have helped me grow in my kayak fly fishing ability.

          First, fly fishing wise, I find it key to have a casting mat. Rod holders, cameras, camera mounts, and many more things can easily entangle your stripped out line as you attempt to cast. Using a casting mat that lays across your lap and over your other equipment will not allow your stripped out line to become rapped around or tangled with your other gear. This also allows for you to lay your line on a smooth flat surface reducing nicks and cuts in your line.

This also allows for you to lay your line on a smooth flat surface reducing nicks and cuts in your line.

          Another important factor that must always be considered for fly fisherman while casting is their surroundings behind them. Avoid having nets or other rods that stick up stored in the back of your kayak. If you need additional rod storage consider attaching foam rod holders to the sides of the Kayak or purchasing rod holders that have adjustable angles to them that can store your rods at a more horizontal angle.

          Keeping your gear organized an in its place is another key to small craft fishing. Doing this allows access to your equipment quicker and easier which leads to more time fishing and less time tying on. Having an organized kayak also decreases the chance of losing tools, flies, and other equipment overboard. Nothing ruins a fishing trip like losing your 300 dollar camera in the lake or an extra spool of high grade sinking fly line. To stay organized I highly recommend purchasing water tight containers and bungee straps to secure them to your kayak in the event of a flip or a trip through white water your gear will be secure.


          Of course staying safe is paramount when fishing or enjoying any hobby, make sure to have appropriate life preservers and first aid gear aboard win kayak fishing or any form of fishing from a boat. Take care in cleaning and checking all your gear regularly to keep it in good working order and to get the most out of your fishing trip. I hope these tips lead to successful fishing trips and big fish. Good luck paddling and above all good luck fishing.



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