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Have you ever been in a bind and don't have the stuff you need to tie your favorite patterns for a trip that has just popped up. Don't panic or spend a bunch of money visit the world largest fly shop, Your local discound store. 

         People all across the country love to fly fish and tie flies. A lot of them live in prime fly fishing locations such as Montana, California, Louisiana, Arkansas, and many more. Many live in large cities such as Kansas City, New Orleans, St. Louis and Denver. But while you have a large population of the fly fishing community in these areas there are many that live in small towns and areas that are not exactly known for their fly fishing. I am certainly an example of that. I live in a small town in the middle of Missouri called Clinton. It sits on Truman Reservoir the largest lake in Missouri. Unfortunately it is not exactly a fly fisherman’s paradise, the lack of depth in the lake, and the dirty water that renders visibility to just over three inches, on average, makes the only viable fishing opportunity crappie, other than about two weeks in June or July when the Hybrids bite. Needless to say the lack of fly fishing opportunity here in Clinton does not allow for any fly shops and the lack of size for Clinton, at only 10,000 people, does not support the big name outdoor stores to be established here either. 


            So what do you do when a buddy says he’s going to the Buffalo River for a week in Arkansas and he invites you but the trip is in two days and you don’t have enough hooks for your favorite warm water flies, such as poppers and crawdad patterns? Don’t panic and spend a lot of money for overnight shipping, take a look in your local discount stores. Lots of large stores that exist in almost every town in America can have some key ingredients for one of your favorite smallmouth recipes.

             Often times they will at least carry hooks, a package of Eagle Claw size 8s may cost only six or seven dollars for 50 hooks. Some stores that are located in general fishing communities may even have Gamakatsu hooks, which are some of the best streamer hooks available. When all else fails bait hooks with the bait barbs filled down can get the job done in a pinch.

Many materials can be found at these large box stores too. The craft isles can account for great finds that equal big fish with minimal cost. Boas that a little girl might were around can become descent marabou feathers.


 Masks used for parties and masquerade balls may contain great shcalpen that turn into great deceivers. Yarn can be good for big San Juan Worms and leach patterns. Beads and wire can be put together to make rattles for big streamer patterns that give the fly tempting sound in the water. Most stores carry 2 mm sheet foam that can give you huge savings compared to fly shops and the large outdoor stores. Large foam letters in bright colors can be cut with razors and scissors to make awesome, custom popper heads. The list goes on and on from there.

         Storage boxes and drawers that can help you organize your tying area are also quality buys at these stores too. Plastic drawer sets in multiple sizes make organization a synch and boxes used for beads keep your hooks together and easy to find. Pill boxes with holes drilled in the top make organizing your dubbing easy as well. No matter where you live, you can tie some flies in a pinch, those always handy stores are there again, like they always are.   

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