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Flats Fishing For Trout

Simple Popper Carving

Flats fishing is not just for saltwater fish or great lake’s smallmouth. The most widely recognized target species of fly fisherman, trout, can also be fun to chase in shallow, still, water. This area of coldwater fishing can often be overlooked even though it provides open space and fishing for people in a crowded environment, or something new to try for someone looking for a change or challenge.

Who doesn’t love catching gorgeous bass or rocking bluegill on a popper. Just about any fish that swims will all chase poppers from time to time. Salmon and trout may be the exception. Poppers of all shapes and sizes have landed many trophy fish from the muddy rivers of Africa to the silent backwaters of anywhere USA. They riddle fly...

Driftless Area in Review

 If you like chucking and swinging large streamers in big water for massive fish, the Driftless Area may not be the place for you. Don't count on picturesque floats in drift boats either. But if you're itching for a change of pace, a challenge, and a little different scenery, this is a trip you need to take a serious look at. 

Good Ole Fashion Fishing Story

Usually I post articles that relate helpful information to fly fisherman and fly tiers alike. For this article however I'm going to take a break from the normal informative writing and tell you the first of what I hope to be many truly amazing fishing stories in my life. 

    This story comes from my recent trip to Northern Minnesota to fish a portage lake, named Mukooda Lake...

Take Kids Fishing

Kayak Tips for Fly Fisherman

Fly fishing is a sport that thrives off of the people that love it, the people that do nothing but fly fish. These people would rather catch 10 fish on a fly rod than 30 drowning minnows on a spinning rod. Bait, worms, and bobbers are all absent of their vocabulary and being late, dressed like a slob, or without their many flamboyant gadgets is unheard of. There are very few fifty percent fly fisherman, ones that tie some, or trout fish a little. This just isn’t a sport...

As the world of the Kayak increases at an exponential rate anglers of all walks are investing in the new trend and I am no acceptation. Kayaks offer a personal boat that is both easy to transport by yourself and can provide quality fishing access to a variety of different waters at minimal cost. Kayaks can be increasingly important to fly fisherman in situations...

Tips and Tricks For Trout Parks

Trout parks offer some of the most common fly fishing opportunities. These streams are chucked full of stocker type fish and large scattered breeder trout. And for many people these parks are the only choice for a quick weekend trip to a trout stream.

Winter Warm-Water

Winter to a warm-water fly fisherman poses obvious problems. Frozen water and sluggish fish can turn fishing into a seasonal sport. But it doesn’t have to be. Don’t balk on rare, warm days in the winter. Instead hit the water, you could be surprised.

Discount Stores at the Bench

People all across the country love to fly fish and tie flies. A lot of them live in prime fly fishing locations such as Montana, California, Louisiana, Arkansas, and many more. Many live in large cities such as Kansas City, New Orleans, St. Louis and Denver. But while you have a large population of the fly fishing community in these areas there are many that live in small towns and areas that are not exactly known for their fly fishing. I am certainly an example of that. I live in a small town...

Dry Run Creek

I’m sure many of you have heard of Dry Run Creek, and I’m sure some of you have not. For those of you who have not, it is a feeder stream to the Norfork tail water that feeds the White River in Arkansas. It is managed by the Norfork National Fish Hatchery that is located parallel to the creek. It is a fishery that is exclusive to teens and children...

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